Over decades, Metart has proven its capabilities in delivering diversified services to clients from various industries and markets.  Basically, Metart’s objective is to deliver service excellence to its clients through an established management with experienced personnel.

Since 2002, Metart has been providing services and products to various customers in the Middle east. We have had contracts with the Turkish Governmental Agencies along with the private sector clients.  We provide high quality design-build construction, procurment and engineering solutions and we also provide construction and engineering consultancy to our clients whenever they need us. We serve in a diversified market portfolio with strong capabilities.

In order to meet the demands from various markets, we develop plans and strategies to meet the demands of our clients in Professional manner without deviation or with zero defects in terms of quality. We implement the best practices to catch up with the technology to provide innovative solutions while we keep up with the global quality Standards. We always provide good practices in accordance with the law and regulation, and we always stand against the violations. In this respect, Metart’s strategy while venturing into a market is quoted below;

Developing Partnerships

We always keep a good track record of subcontractors from different nations and cooperate with the local suppliers in order to provide program effectiveness. Additionally, we build up strategic partnerships we entities of various regions in order to increase our capabilities. Building up relations with a diversified portfolio of suppliers, subcontractors as well as strategic partners from various industries, we are capable of providing any services quoted herein.

Business Development Activities

Metart always follows the technology and industrial fairs and conferences in order to follow up the new synergies all through world. What is important of all, the business trips allows us to find new market opportunities while building up new global and regional relations with potential clients.

Patience Is the Best Tool

Metart believes in the spirit of the patience while chasing after the opportunities. We are always excited to communicate with new markets whereas we know how to assess where we stand while we are about to make determinations. Metart knows sacrificing for the business but not for adventures.


Metart has a diversified resources of manpower with various skills of different levels which enables us to mobilize our projects easily and deliver products without any failure.

Bid Response

Metart has a system of responding the proposals properly through a bid system and has the technical professionals to provide the best cost and technical options to its clients.

Flexiblity Againts Time Limits

We are flexible in our resources while we are strict with the project timelines, as we are committed in our quality management system, we are dedicated to turn in the projects to the clients on time.  We always keep our promise to our clients to deliver the orders on time.