Metart offers design-build construction services with a comprehensive package including tasks from conceptual design to final construction completion. Our integrated teams work in colloboration to deliver projects without financial and other risks.

The integrated system of the departments enables us to provide seamless operations to deliver the best results for our clients.  When Metart engages with a project, if the client selects the design build services, we colloborate architects, builders, engineers, estimators and all other personnel at the same table to produce the best ideas,  the creative solutions  with cost effective methods, streamlined schedules and increased operational capabilities.

Our Design-Build Construction Process

Metart offers an design build contracting method compatiple with global design and construction methods. In the sequence of the project the design and construction operations implemented simultaneously throughout the project timelines.  Though it’s challenging to determine and project the final cost of the projects, the design-build construction concept is beneficial for our clients as it provides the services under an integrated package.

When you execute a design-build contract with us, Metart will be the single source for both design, construction and all related procurement processes.  Metart will be the single source responsible and hold the contratual risk for each aspect of the project including estimation, assessments and pre-construction to architecture, schematics, engineering, subcontracting, construction and post-construction. Metart, as a design builder, then will coordinate all contracts with the subcontractors and vendors and all other suppliers.

Traditional Project Delivery Methods Vs Design-Build Construction

The traditional method will create extra efforts including the management of the contractor, associated subcontractors, subconsultants as well as the equipment vendors and material suppliers.  Client as the owner will become the middle man settling disputes between the contractor and consultants. The constructor and the designer may blame each other when the cost of the project may exceed the limits of  client’s budget which may result in delays in the project delivery and make the client lose time and money. 

Traditional Project Delivery Method

However, our clients will manage only one contract when they engage in business execution through a design-build contract vehicle with Metart as a single source for all services required to finish their projects. The unified services will bring in the dynamism to execute all engineering, architectural, construction and procurement process seamlessly without any delays and failures. Changes will be addressed to Metart, but not as excuses. 

Design-Build Construction Project Delivery

The Design-Build process has five primary phases:

Selecting Metart as a Design-Builder

Pre-construction assessments

Architectural design



Selecting Metart as Design-Builder

The Design-Build process begins when the client selects Metart as the Design-Builder. In other methods, clients  would start by selecting an architect.  Metart offers competive pricing options for the design build projects in order to limit the risks associated with the design build of the clients’ facilities.

Metart aims to present all qualifications at an utmost level by offering best credentials, experience, expertise and teams.

Pre-construction and building value engineering into design

Setting the objectives and standards prior to start of any operation is crucial for succesful project completion.Before the project starts, Metart’s pre-construction staff performs assesments regarding the type of industry, goals, vision, financial realities, and current and future facility needs.

In the same way, architects and engineers begin architectural, mechanical and electrical system assessments and review any existing floor plans, fire and smoke preparations, interior room finishes and structural systems. While the design team gathers critical information, surveyors perform a field assessment of your job site to ready it for construction. If you’re improving your current space, your Design-Builder will assess your facility to identify areas of need. These assessments define key parameters like codes, compliance requirements, topography, the area’s weather characteristics, usable on-site natural resources and more.

After gathering all the information, Metart performs pre-construction meetings with your project team and correspond regarding the design and construction program, the best budget to achieve your goals within the best time limits. This will enable the scope of the project and the design solutions will be set.

Architectural Design

After the standards are set during the pre-construction phase, the client will have a comprensive understanding of the and financial needs, project schedule, cost, job site, and your facility’s architectural and mechanical requirements. Next, your construction team and project managers partner with the architectural team to value engineer cost savings into the design.

Metart can either utilize its own architects or use the specialty design architects at this stage, however we basically choose to perform all the critical works within our resources. Only in special project requirement we hire subcontractors to be compliant with the law and regulation.  Then all key project team members come together to form a design that balances all needs. Architects, engineers, construction professionals and key subcontractors and vendors can all add value at the inception of a build.


After the architectural design, Metart offers you the best time effective plans to start the construction phase.  During the design stages, we will simutaneously proceed with the site preparation works and start the initial elements of the construction during the design phase. By overlapping construction and design, Metart’s project teams is capable of delivering a timely build which will enable us to complete the aggressive schedules on time.  The subcontractors, specialty teams, material suppliers and all other  entities associated with the project will work under the coordination of Metart’s prime project plan involving the standards and procedures. We will get the job done more quickly than any of our competitors through  a clearly defined scope with total accountability.


After the new project or renovation operations are completed, Metart will provide a post-construction handoff which inclued walk-throughs, instructional videos, hands-on training and core documentation for owners, facility managers and facility management teams. The post-construction hand off will provide you all the details regarding the completion of your project and the pack shall be overlooked as this will provide you the required insight when you need the renovate or expand your facility in the future of your properties and facilities.