Metart is also one of the largest supplier for building and construction materials and equipment.

We supply plumbing materials and equipment. Steel, Cement, Gypsum, Adhesives, Sealants, Grouting Materials,  Insulation Chemicals, Membranes with various use, Gypsum Boards, Concrete Panels, Aliminium Materials, Stone Wool, Suspended Ceiling Materials, Floor Coatings, Pavement Materials, PVC Floor Lagging, Wood Floor Lagging Materials, Network Cables, Medium Voltage Cables, Internal and External Lighting Fixtures and Bulbs, Electrical Cable Trays, Led Lighting Fixtures, Switch Gear and Plugs, CCTV Systems,  Electroning Fire Alarm Systems, Audio-Visual Security Devices, Power Generation Equipment and Spare Parts. 

Metart is importing and exporting various types of high quality commodities and is known as the quality electrical products supplier.















































Metart import-exports  reinforcing steel and reinforcing mesh that provides greater strength to concrete foundations and structures. The company’s reinforcing fabrication service is available from its branch network to construction sites, precasters, piling contractors, and builders at global scale.

If demand by the customers, Metart also carries stock of steel reinforcing material, cuts and bends rebar, produces cutting and bending schedules from construction drawings, and performs on site placement.

Our clients base includes anyone who requires reinforcing steel products for one reason or another. These include large construction and infrastructure contractors, medium and small sized building contractors, a handyman wanting to pour a slab for a garden shed.

There are many steel suppliers, but not all of them can provide high quality steel mesh.  When you request for quote with specific technical information, our engineers  understand the challenges of choosing the right reinforcing steel products for your projects.

Metart supplies copper tube for a variety of uses including hot and cold water services, gas and sanitation applications, together with special products such as medical gas tubes and plastic-coated copper tubes.

We offer tubes and fittings manufactured to European specification EN1057 along with the  ASME Standards of America.

We supply 2 different forms of plastic coated copper tubes. The plastic coating protects the copper texture of the fitting against corrosion and corrosive environments.

Another aspect of the plastic coated tubes and fittings is the protection against the heat-loss from central heating and hot water services when they are burried into the ground or nested into the concrete structure of the buildings. The plastic-coating is LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) which is more environmentally friendly and less toxic than PVC.

Metart also offers medical gas tubes for installation in hospitals, operating theatres and laboratories. Medical gas tubes are specially cleaned to make them suitable for installations in medical gas systems. The tubes are first manufactured to the dimensional and mechanical requirements of BS EN1057. The tube is then solvent degreased. All tube bores are visually inspected, and then blown out with medical quality air. Both tube ends are capped, and each bundle of tubes is wrapped in plastic-sleeving. Identification tape is subsequently applied to the packaging.

We additionally supply chrome-plated copper tubes for installation where the decorative effect of the chrome-plating is required

Metart supplies PVC plastic fittings and tubes, designed to meet most all residential, industrial and irrigation/agricultural needs. As a quality supplier,  the  pressure plastic fittings and tubes we supply are designed and tested under real world “cyclic” pressure conditions so they excel in extreme applications where lesser products often fail. Along with superior strength, our pressure plastic fittings offer smoother inner walls for low pressure drops and superior resistance to chemicals and corrosion.

Manufactured with uncompromising attention to precision and detail, our comprehensive line of PVC fittings and tubes offer excellent rigidity with resistance to chemicals and corrosion. Smooth interior walls prevent scaling and provide for free flow. Consistent quality and dimensional integrity ensure a perfect fit with every piece.

We supply the best fittings that are manufactured with the exact specification which best fit the industry specifications.  Each fitting delivers excellent rigidity and smooth interior walls to improve flow, inhibit scaling, and provide superior resistance to chemicals and corrosion. Our stringent quality control protocols guarantee that our fittings fit and perform flawlessly, piece after piece. All fittings are packaged in standard industry carton quantities and dimensions, and utilize an intuitive, easily interpreted style numbering system.

Metart offers a highly accredited range of robust pipe solutions for the safe and effective transport of water.

Using the latest plastics manufacturing technology to satisfy the requirements of today’s installers, Mertart’s below ground drainage range offers both rigid and foam core pipes, lighter weight alternatives to clay gullies and sewerage systems, both manholes and flow control chambers, and a comprehensive range of fittings to suit all applications.


Using the latest plastics manufacturing technology to satisfy the requirements of Middle Eastern installers, our Terrain Below Ground range of plastic drainage pipes, fittings and chambers is ideally suited for a range of applications. The range’s major advantage is the simplicity it brings to the whole process: by stipulating our pipes, you are automatically choosing a tried and tested product that you  can rely on.

The drain tube we offer is the complete solution for non-pressurised surface and sub-surface drainage applications. It is also highly versatile, and is suitable for use in highway, rail and airport infrastructure, non-pressure and sub-surface drainage, agriculture, sports, leisure and education applications across the Middle East region.

Rigid X-Large Storm Pipe is much lighter than concrete equivalents. The pipe’s structured wall design makes it robust and reliable, and this relative lighter weight makes for a speedy We provide underground tubing and canalization systems suitable for everything from stormwater attenuation to flood alleviation and sewerage applications in support of your projects.

We also offer a range of robust, chemical and sewer gas

resistant pipes for new and replacement gravity sewerage systems. Our products will give  design engineers in the Middle East the widest possible product choice for the best possible sewerage solution.

We also offer a range of PVCu structured wall pipes and fittings for use in gravity sewers. Providing robust, chemical and sewer gas resistant pipes for new and replacement gravity sewerage systems, the range gives design engineers the widest possible product choice for the best possible solution.

The  manhole systems we supply  are versatile. Pre-fabricated in light yet robust plastic, they can be transported and installed much more easily than equivalent concrete or clay products, offering a reduced health and safety risk to both construction and inspection personnel.


Metart, not only supplies the generators but also provides spare parts support, consultancy and maintenance services. Metart gives you the convenience of finding generator sets based on real-world applications and specs.

Commercial Industrial Generators

Commercial generator sets available in a range of sizes to meet any application. These clean, modern generator with optional exhaust aftertreatment are suitable for either standby/emergency power, continuous or prime power applications.

Residential Power Generators

Metart provides efficient, fully-integrated systems built for reliability in uncertain circumstances. We’re here to keep you up and running, no matter what.

Rental Generators

Metart is a global supplier of mobile generator sets designed for the rental industry.

Data Center Continuous (DCC) Rating

Metart offers DCC diesel generator sets rated for unlimited hours of operation, with no restrictions on average variable load factor.

Metart is  the right  source for quality plumbing supplies backed by industry-leading services and solutions. Whether you specialize in service calls or new construction plumbing, we specialize in getting you the products and solutions you need to stand up to every plumbing project.

From pipe and valves to toilets and faucets, we have everything you need to install and maintain plumbing systems. Likewise, Metart supplies pumps for various uses as per your needs. Industrial and international standard specification and warranties are applicable regarding the equipment you purchase from our company.

  • We offer Grinder pumps  which are very powerful sewage handling pumps that actually chop, grind, and shred the sewage and reduce it to a slurry.
  • The Sewage grinder pumps that we provide are capable of pumping this slurry through smaller diameter pipe and for much higher and longer distances than a sewage handling pump.
  • For your sanitary sump drainage applications the Effluent pumps will be the best solution.
  • Metart also offers high pressure pumps for varius domestic and industrial uses.

Looking for a quality single point supplier for cement, gypsum and lime?  Metart imports and exports cement, gypsum and lime for various uses. We tailor your project demands and adhere to industrial building standards. Metart is a reliable supplier for clients from various industries.

 We are one of the companies that can meet all your construction needs . The commodities we provide serves with the best properties  such as  highest strength per unit cost, durability, and aesthetics to a variety of construction applications.  

We chose the right sources and provide you with cost effective solutions without any failure in  deliveries.

Metart  supports your projects  with the right selection of adhesives and sealants per the standard requirements. We source the material best quality materials and we deliver them to you on time.

We can provide various adhesives and sealants for a myriad of applications;

  • Carpet Layment
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Concrete
  • Countertop Lamination
  • Flooring Underlayment
  • Drywall Lamination
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
  • Joint Cements
  • Manufactured Housing
  • Pre-finished Panels
  • Resilient Flooring
  • Roofing
  • Wall Covering

Metart supplies Building materials made of gypsum.  We supply the top quality gypsum boards from the most qualified manufacturers. Gypsum board is a very good material to balance the climate in the buildings which also does its job well regarding the acoustic control of large halls. It’s an effective way of managing the moisture and the sound.

The gypsum can absorb a lot of humidity through its open and crystalline pores and then automatically releases this moisture when a room becomes too dry. This works as often as necessary, and without consuming energy.

Concrete panels are used for various uses in the construction industry. It provides flexibility while adhering to walls of any or new retrofit construction project. It can be very good solution to the defected walls and it may be time consuming as they come precasted. It can be found in its natural color along with other colors per your project requirements. Metart provides you with the best construction solutions by means of materials.

The concrete wall panels are only 1/8” thick and weigh less than 1.4 lbs. per square foot making them ideal for many uses other than just walls. This includes custom fabrications and joinery applications. Creative architects and designers will find countless alternative uses for this incredible, attractive and versatile material.

Metart imports-exports all materials required for the installation and construction of suspended ceilings or drop ceilings. We source materials meeting the industrial specifications. We provide a comprehensive range of the most commonly used perimeter profiles, including shadowline, F upstands and cover plates; etc… All products standard in Global White. Other standard colours available .

Metart also provides solutions for the procurement of stone wool solutions covering building insulation, industrial and technical insulation for process industry, marine and offshore, customised solutions for industrial applications, wall and facade systems, acoustic ceilings, horticultural substrate solutions, engineered fibres solutions, noise and vibration control.

Metart imports&exports carpet and associated flooring materials to support the project of various clients at global locations. We are a single source provider of all flooring materials where you can find all items at once. The materials we provide are manufactured with global industrial standards and we have industrial and dometic use options meeting requirements.


Metart aims to be the carpet supplier of choice for all your carpet needs. Being a well established carpet supplier, we have the ability to supply any carpet from any manufacturer. Together with your carpet, we can supply, from stock, all types of underlay, gripper rods, door bars, carpet fitting tools and accessories. We also supply a wide range of carpets and flooring materials that are suitable for use in schools and universities. Contact us to find out more about our school carpet collection.



We can supply all types of sheet vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl tiles, safety flooring, linoleum and rubber flooring. We also supply everything you may need to fit the new flooring, including screeds, adhesives, floor preparation tools, fitting tools and accessories. Our extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers allows us to supply any kind of hard flooring at prices sometimes considerably lower than normal trade prices.

Wood Flooring

Being an authorised supplier of wood flooring and wood flooring accessories, we can supply a great variety of solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, laminate flooring, all kinds of wood flooring trims and fitting tools.