Metart provides engineering, procurement, construction and management services  in developing infrastructure projects for national and international governments.  Metart can design and build complex projects with greater magnitudes and asist clients in theier financial and construction objectives.

Metart provides versatile and innovative solutions for airport in airport infrastructure, bridges, highways, rail, toll roads, transit systems and hydraulic infrastructures using innovating financing delivery methods such as public-private partnerships and design-build execution.


Over a decade of history, Metart served Turkish Government in several airport and passenger terminals. Our experience in aviation construction includesairport terminals, runways, maintenance hangars and various other airport infrastructure projects.

Transportation and Highway Construction

Metart, has versatile experience in delivering high way, bridge and related infrastructures and has served national and international governments in several projects. Metart offers integrated solutions fort he transportation sector including project management, design-build construction and maintenance.

Metart has the capability, experience and financial resources to execute highway maintenance projects nationally and internationally.  While handling the transportation sector, Metart has the experience to engineer, construct and provide maintenance all kind of structures.

Telecommunications Infrastructures

Emerging technologies constantly change the way we communicate and conduct business, with telecommunications infrastructure becoming increasingly important.Metart provides solutions for specialist telecommunications facilities in support of national and international governments. We provide specialist services for a wide variety of facilities including wireless sites, microwave links and towers, network upgrades, fibre routes and satellite earth stations, telecommunications for buildings, airports, tunnels, freeways and rail links.

Hydraulic Works

Water is an essential part of everyday life and a great number of economic activities. It is a also a very limited resource. In today’s world, the demand for water is constantly on the rise, both in terms quantity and quality. In response to this demand, public funds are constantly invested in the construction of major dams, canals, inter-basin transfers, riverbed defences, drinking water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants and salt water desalination plants.

Metart has the expertize  in designing and building   infrastructure for all hydraulic works. Our engineering and project management teams are able to provide solutions with the new technologies arising in the industry.  Metart has the abilities and capabilities for excuting hydraulic energy projects, irrigation canals, dams and reservoirs, waste water treatment plants, water purification plants and collectors.