Metart provides medical products and medical equipment solutions to a wide range of customers and we import &exports medical goods and products in service of the private hospitals and government hospitals in different geographic locations.  The products and equipment provided by the technical expertise of Metart, a supply chain  maven supplying medical beds, wheel chairs, crutches, operation table and associated equipments, sterile and non-sterile gloves, stretchers and sheets, examination  bed and sheets, textile overshoes and plastic overshoes, adult diapers (man-woman), baby diapers.

Metart  harnesses this technical expertise and deep global knowledge of medical supplies to provide innovative technology, manufacturer-to-manufacturer focused sales and unrivalled end-to-end support; serving governmental and non-governmental agencies. We offer the best products with the globally accepted standards and we strictly focus on the quality measures while meeting the clients’ demand.

Further more, in the evolving healthcare system and with the new Technologies, Metart proposes innovative solutions to the medical market.  We design-build hospitals with a floor plan designed with modern outlook while we design each area considering the needs of the patients.  Significantly, we consider the utility  and mobility of each item for the use of the personnel as well.  Metart has designed-built hospital and health care facilities which works both for the patient and staff working there.  When you execute a contract with Metart, we ensure that we provide;


Whether  we’re building from scratch or preparing for a hospital renovation, we  take the time to understand the demographics, needs, wants and goals of a healthcare facility.  We look at existing programs and examine what can be improved or added while considering the new Technologies to be applied.

Patient and Visitor Experience

A large majority of hospital services are now focused on outpatient treatment, inpatient and visitor experience, making a patient’s trip an event. Metart caters these reality needs into  the design of your building and structure.  The facilities should be comfortable for the visitors while it should be relaxing for the patients.

We Interview visitors, patients and the workers

We conduct interviews with the executive team, physicians and other staff, and then propose a master plan. We  listen closely to what key staff are saying and investigate all of the departments. Their testimonies are valuable to Metart.

Don’t forget the “user”

Metart works smart to make patient, staff and visitor flow as easy and efficient as possible. It’s imperative to keep inpatient flow and outpatient flow independent of each other, making medical staff circulation as smooth and discrete as possible.

Privacy is a priority

Metart considers this as one of the key points in the  hospital building design. We  set a goal to achieve  privacy in the design plans we provide. Our architect engineers are here to meet your needs for privacy in the design of your medical facility.

If  Renovation Needed, We Do It In Phases

In the renovation processes, Metart breaks all the work in a Schedule and do it step by step in order to prevent any failures in the existing  medical facility system. We  start by working with  your executive team and your hospital’s board to determine how you pay for it and when. This makes for minimal disruption to existing hospital programs and a more realistic plan of attack.

Metart’s Professionals Provide Improved Workflow

By designating hospital and department locations, Metart will maximize physician and staff flow and usages. This will ensure that your building runs like a well-oiled machine.

Constructability and expandability

The future of healthcare is unpredictable, as advancements in technology and treatment processes are always improving. If we prepare your facility for the future, it will provide significant benefits. Contact Metart today for our professionals to ensure system designs are buildable, scalable and cost-effective later.

Metart, as a leader in the market, is ready to provide you best facility which will fit your medical business plans as well as meeting your patients’ and visitors’ need.