Metart provides medical products and medical equipment solutions to a wide range of customers and we import &exports medical goods and products in service of the private hospitals and government hospitals in different geographic locations.  The products and equipment provided by the technical expertise of Metart, a supply chain  maven supplying medical beds, wheel chairs, crutches, operation table and associated equipments, sterile and non-sterile gloves, stretchers and sheets, examination  bed and sheets, textile overshoes and plastic overshoes, adult diapers (man-woman), baby diapers.

Metart  harnesses this technical expertise and deep global knowledge of medical supplies to provide innovative technology, manufacturer-to-manufacturer focused sales and unrivalled end-to-end support; serving governmental and non-governmental agencies. We offer the best products with the globally accepted standards and we strictly focus on the quality measures while meeting the clients’ demand.


Metart offers all of the current gown fabrics available in the market so that our customers have a choice when making their decision.

Performance with comfort

Our surgical gowns are designed to enhance the performance of your surgical team:

  • Glued seam on sleeves for better comfort and performance
  •  Long “Hook & loop” neck closure for an easily adjustable, gap-free custom fit
  • Wide range of sizes and lengths to satisfy the needs of clinicians
  • High-tech breathable fabrics keeping the wearer comfortable and dry, even during long procedures

Dependable protection

  • Each gown meets or exceeds performance recommendations of the EN13795* surgical gown standard.
  • The gowns provide breathability and comfort, with a natural fluid-repellent protection
  • The Essential and Advanced materials additional Alcohol Repellency treatment gives wearers the extra protection they need, keeping the comfort they deserve.
  • Another type of gown offers all-over impervious protection with exceptional breathability and coolness.

Abundant choices

  • Five gown families which all feature their own distinct fabric and styles
  • Wide range available with a choice of size, length and sleeve construction
  • Two options of reinforcement – fabric reinforcement for enhanced protection with high breathability and comfort, and poly-reinforcement for an impervious barrier to fluids in every situation

Color coding

All Medline surgical gowns feature intuitive color coding. Product labels, neck bindings and transfer tabs display:

  • Purple for Standard Performance according to the EN13795 standard
  • Blue for High Performance


*The EN 13795 is the European harmonized standard specifying requirements for single-use and reusable covering (i. e. surgical gowns, surgical drapes) used as medical devices for patients, clinical staff and equipment and intended to prevent the transmission of infective agents between patients and clinical staff during invasive surgical procedures.

Metart offers urgical drapes which are designed based on the feedback from healthcare professionals across the world. It is designed, tested and trusted by OR professionals.


We are  ambitious to be one of the market’s few surgical drapes and packs provider to offer a wide variety of fabrics.
Available in :

  • Spunlace material
  • Absorbent and impervious bi-liminate
  • Soft, protective and drapeable SMMMS
  • Top-of-the-line tri-laminate absorbent & impervious material


  • Our specialty surgical drapes are all manufactured with oversized absorbent areas to ensure the surgical field is kept as clean as possible, and reduces post-operative clean-up time.
  • The bi-laminate and tri-laminate fabrics provide absorbency across the whole surface of the drape.
  • On repellent spunlace and SMS fabrics, an oversized heavy-duty absorbent reinforcement is applied to the critical areas.

Drapeability and strength

  • Our surgical drape fabrics are designed to provide high drapeability for facilitated efficient patient draping.
  • All materials are made from robust non-woven fabrics and films to ensure sterility of the surgical field during complex procedures.
  • All made latex-free and compliant with the EN13795* standard, they offer the best features available to the market.

Color coding

  • Intuitive labeling system complete with detailed product images and specifications.
  • Product labels are printed in various colors based on the material being used to aid the surgical team in selecting the correct product best fitted for each specific need.


*The EN 13795 is the European harmonized standard specifying requirements for single-use and reusable covering
(i.e. surgical gowns, surgical drapes) used as medical devices for patients, clinical staff and equipment and intended to 
prevent the transmission of infective agents between patients and clinical staff during invasive surgical procedures.

Our professionals knows what your staff need to do to protect patients and themselves, yet time constraints and inconvenience can lead to cutting corners with proper gown compliance.

Metart offers over-the-head isolation and protection gowns to meet  your needs for quick and easy donning and removal while maintaining protection and comfort.

Cover Gowns

  • Made from lightweight, polypropylene material – naturally low in lint.
  • Generously sized for full coverage and flexibility.
  • Styles available in classic neck and waist ties with elastic or knit cuffs wrists.

Isolation Gowns – Fluid Resistant

High fluid protection and comfort

 Made from medium weight fluid-resistant multi-ply material.

  • Generously sized for full coverage and flexibility.
  • Waist and neck ties ensure a secure fit.
  • Gown Pack includes one Regular/Large Size or X-Large Size Multi-Ply Nonwoven Blue Isolation Gown, One Towel, one insert label, all in CSR wrap, Sterile.

Isolation Gowns – Impervious

Highest fluid protection

Offers enhanced barrier protection for worry-free job performance:

  • Made from medium or heavy weight polyethylene-coated polypropylene material.
  • High level of protection.
  • Waist and neck ties ensure gown remains securely in place.
  • Generously sized for full coverage and flexibility.
  • Available with knit cuffs.

Shoe Covers

Polyethylene, Spunbond polypropylene, SMS and PE-reinforced shoe covers… A wide range for all customer expecations, from basic covers to impervious covers.

Nonskid Multilayer shoe covers:
• Made from breathable, fluid-resistant material

Polyethylene shoe covers:
• Made from PE plastic material that resists high levels of fluid
• Smooth bottom

Boot Covers

Prevention Plus impervious breathable knee-high boot covers:
• Enhanced breathability and high protection 
• Made from Blue Prevention Plus material
• Hook-and-loop closure strap allows for a snug fit
• Foam strip non-skid bottom

Non-skid fluid-proof boot covers:
• Made from fluid-proof coated polypropylene material
• High fluid protection on the bottom
• Convenient hook-and-loop strap allows wearer to adjust the fit
• Strap is heat-sealed to boot

Non-skid multi-layer/poly knee-high boot covers:
• Breathable, fluid-resistant material above the ankle
• High fluid protection on the bottom
• Sealed seams on foot reduce the chance of fluid penetration

Comfort Line Surgical caps made of cluster key back fabric

A comfortable and breathable fabric, ideal for the operating room.

Soft Line

Surgical caps made of spunlace fabrics

A medium range of headwear, for customers looking for performance and cost effectiveness.

Basic Line

Spunbond polypropylene headwear

Bouffant caps made of light weight spunbond polypropylene, ideal for visitors, patients or healthcare providers.

Fluid resistant lab jackets

Metart’s warm up jackets are made from a fluid resistant multi-layer material to provide comfort and protection for everyday needs. Metart’s disposable products are available with a five snap closure, reinforced pockets, back vent for extended wear and a convenient loop inside for hanging. Enjoy our variety to fit your facility’s needs.

Sleeveless patient wear

Gown in SMS fabric, sleeveless, regular size, adapted to most of patients for pre or post surgery.

Poly disposable white apron

Effective protection against liquids and waste.

  • Made from polyethylene material
  • Convenient pullover styling for quick and easy removal

An alternative to reusable laundered scrubs

  • Made from breathable, fluid resistant multi-layer material
  • Shirt with V-neck for easy dress and undress and 3 pockets
  • Pants with draw string and one rear pocket
  • Available in blue
  • Shirt and pants are packed separately for individual choice

Metart is committed to supplying high-quality, low cost injecting equipment to customers around the world.

 Our comprehensive range of needles and syringes are highly cost effective and represent the highest quality brands within the sector. We are ensuring you the very best quality at the very best prices. We stock large volumes of most lines to ensure you the most reliable delivery first time!

 Our product contain chemical additives which, in combination with the precisely coordinated vacuum, guarantee the correct mixing ratio to the drawn blood. All tubes naturally bear the CE mark.

We are committed to making Metart a signle source  for our clients.

Single Use Syringe Overview.

  • Made of polypropylene/Polyethylene
  • With green plunger
  • Highly transparent barrel
  • Black graduation
  • Permanent markings and ideal readability
  • Graduation in ml for volume dosage
  • Extended graduation beyond the nominal volume
  • Minimal residual volume
  • Safe plunger back-stop
  • Easy aspiration up to the maximum volume
  • Silicone oil-free
  • Volume:

2 ml = max. 3 ml

5 ml = max. 6 ml

10 ml = max. 12 ml

20 ml = max. 24 ml

  • Box of 100 pcs

Metart offers  a new generation of IV (intravascular) fluid bags that will help overcome deficiencies of the ones currently in use. The new bags are made of “safe material and prevent absorption or discharge of serum through the IV bag.

  • High quality, co-friendly, sterilized by EO, OEM producing capable
  • Appearance of Solution Solution is clear and colourless
  • Good resistance to thermal and the compression (each sterile at 115 °C by 30 min)
  • Good resistance to  free fall from 2 m height when filled and sealed. On having fallen damages (flaws) will not appear in the bag
  • Permeability: PVC permeability to the water steam ‹ 11 g/m² in 24h for 0,040 mm sheet thickness
  • Applying 15 N the bag must support 60 minutes
  • Percentage of hacmolysis less than 5%
  • Non-toxic

Metart offers blood collection tubes made from practically unbreakable plastic. Blood collection tubes we offer have made the drawing of blood a safer and more hygienic process. The use of PET plastic offers the advantage that the tubes are as clear as glass. We provide a full range of vacuum blood collection tubes, from clotting tubes

Our product contain chemical additives which, in combination with the precisely coordinated vacuum, guarantee the correct mixing ratio to the drawn blood. All tubes naturally bear the CE mark.

Industry-Leading Solutions for Laparoscopic and General Surgical Procedures. The instruments that we provide are used every day in surgical procedures.

In our product range, you will find a wide range of high-quality surgical instruments that will provide reliable, safe and effective results for improved patient outcomes.

Our supplies are engineered for optimal efficiency and effectiveness, producing consistently successful results for the physicians.

Metart focuses on listening to our customers and understanding the needs of their patients. This, along with our excellence in supplying high quality products, sets us apart in the medical device industry and ensures we continually develop innovative,safer and more effective products for women’s health care.

Our Instruments are produced from the finest surgical grade stainless steel. We guarantee our instruments to be free from any material defects. If any defects are found we will replace or repair at our discretion, free of charge. The one year warranty remains in effect for as long as the instrument or product is used for its intended purpose with proper care and maintenance.

  • Blades, Handles
  • Clips
  • Forceps
  • Needle Holders
  • Retractors
  • Rongeurs
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers

Finding adult diapers or other incontinence products can be very confusing. It can be difficult figuring out which style or brand is right for your need.  At Metart you can find  all adult sizes for all ages and levels.
Fitted briefs are adult sized diapers with refastenable tabs, similar to baby diapers. Overnight briefs are a hand-picked selection of our most absorbent tab-style adult diapers. Pull-on underwear can also be very absorbent and used at night as long as the fit is secure around the legs. Diaper covers can assist with securing the leg openings for added leakage protection.
For those not ready for the full protection of absorbent undergarments, we have a wide selection of liners & pads that feature a waterproof backing so they can be secured directly inside regular underwear for discreet protection. Liners, aka large-shaped pads are larger versions for heavier incontinence or added coverage for bowel leakage. Light pads, guards and pantiliners are gender specific so make sure to look for products specifically for women or men in that category.

Overnight Briefs (Tab-Style)

Selected adult diapers for nighttime with maximum absorbency & leak control needed for a good night’s sleep.

Fitted Briefs (Tab-Style)

Wide range of adult sizes, brands & absorbencies with refastenable tabs for easier changing by caregiver.

Pull-On Underwear Diapers

Pulls up like regular underwear; ideal for active wearers. Adult sizes XS to 2XL. Wide range of brands & styles.

Belted Undergarments

Larger pads with adjustable or attached waistband and open sides. Easier to change without removing clothing.

Booster Pads / Doublers

Adds absorbency to any absorbent undergarment so they work as a system to prevent leaks.

Liners (Large Shaped Pads)

Ideal when light pads are not enough protection but pull-on diapers are not desired.

Women’s Light Pads & Pantiliners

Discreet bladder control pads for women stay dry better than maxi pads.

Men’s Guards & Shields

For light male overflow commonly due to prostate problems. Discreetly fits inside regular underwear.


The primary focus of Metart is to make making the patient environment in hospitals safer and more comfortable  by providing the top quality products. In terms of medical supplies, we based our vision upon this ideal. 

Metart provides medical beds with an innovative intensive care technology designed to actively promote early patient mobility.  We also provide beds with advanced articulation technology that helps keep patients in the optimal position during movements of the bed. Patient migration or sliding down in the hospital bed can lead to repetitive repositioning and increased lift burden for caregivers.  The beds we offer are developed ergonomic research labs in order to pace the technology that matches the movement of the bed with the natural elongation of the spine that occurs when a patient moves from supine to upright positions.  Our beds helps keep patients optimally positioned to minimise movement toward the foot of the bed as the head of bed is raised. 

Metart offers a wide range of hospital and long term healthcare beds that allow good infection control, offer enhanced ergonomics, comfort, safety and ease of use, and promote effective risk management.

The range includes hospital beds, birthing beds, community beds, nursing home beds, pediatric beds and strechers, as well as related accessories that are designed to support and assist the resident/patient and the caregiver.

Metart’s products help to reduce fall risk, improve pressure area care and promote resident/patient independence and comfort.


  • Emergency Portable Stretchers
  • Mortuary Stretchers
  • Emergency Stretchers On Casters
  • Mortuary Strechers On Casters
  • Portable Patient Stretchers
  • Scoop Stretchers
  • Automatic Ambulance Stretchers
  • Spine board
  • Ambulance Stretcher Cum Wheel Chair
  • Foldable Stretcher
  • Hydraulic Stretchers
  • Travel/ Transport Chair
  • Super Light, Folding Transport Chair Wıth Carry Bag And Flıp-back Arms
  • Poly-fly High Strength, Lightweight Wheelchair
  • And Various other types of wheel chairs.