Metart  performs first-class diversified engineering , procurement and construction services for private companies and government agencies.We offer  cost-effective options and various support solutions in the emerging markets. While our clients benefit from our professionalism in engineering, procurement and construction  services along with import&export of various materials, we offer ultimate services and products within the industrial scope of quality, occupational safety and health, and the environmental sustainibility.

Metart keeps adequate material and equipment resources while keeping the HR lists updated for the source of manpower. We are fully compliant with the national law and regulations regarding procurement as we conform with all the government requirements for the personnel recruitment. Metart is a single source for all of your contracting and procurement needs while you are planning to build a new facility or looking for a trustworthy source  for all of their needs. 


Construction services

At Metart, we value the job we do. That means we choose the techniques specific to the projects.   Metart warrants the service quality regardless of the delivery method; whether  it is integrated Design-Build, general contracting or construction management, Metart promises to provide ultimate services to our clients in order to complete the projects on time and on budget with full full architectural design, surveying, interior design, assessments and even emergency construction and disaster restoration.In Design-Build, we bring architectural design and construction under one roof and coordinate both at the same time.

Project Management

As an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor, Metart executed various scale and complexity  of contracts in different regions. In the market, we have a reputation to deliver project on time and on budget. Metart has a good portfolio of best known architects, qualified subcontractors and vendors in order to meet the needs of your projects.

Architectural Design

Metart offers an extraordinary group of architects and engineers in support of clients’ projects. We  provide a state of art architectural service while we are designing your facilities, buildings and infrastructure.  Metart brings value engineering and cost effective solutions to your projects.

Construction at Minor Scale

Metart professionally undertakes all contracts and projects whetter they are in large or minor scale.  What we value in our services is the satisfaction of our customers and our reputation in turn. Through the scope of customer centric services, there is no big or small jobs, what is important over all is the happy clients.

Interior design

We design not only the outside, but also the inside of your building. We conceptualize the interior of your property with furniture, themes and  vibrant finishes. From beginning to end, we manage every element of your interior design and construction project. Metart offers ultimate design services.

Surveying and Assessment

Metart offers all the property, construction and land surveys you need to meet all regulations and to build your facility. Our team provides a complete, end-to-end surveying solution. 

We also provide all financial, project and facility assessments you need to build smart, within your budget and on your time schedule. We can even help you rescue a project that’s running inefficiently.